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JULY 2017

San Diego Interfaith Housing Foundation Awards & Acknowledgements

San Diego Interfaith Housing Foundation is proud to announce that it has received 3 separate awards in connection with it's Iowa Street Senior Housing Project. We have received the 2017 Ruby Award (SDG&E Energy Efficiency & Sustainability Award for New Construction) which recognizes new construction that promotes energy efficiency and sustainability in their design and construction.  We also received 2 separate PCB's Golden Nugget Awards for - Best Affordable Seniors Housing Community and for Best Age Qualified Senior Living Community. We are very proud of these awards and hope for many more with future affordable and senior projects.

MAY 2016

San Diego's Seniors Find Many Options at SDIHF

The San Diego Housing Federation recently stated that within the next 15 years, “nearly 19% of the region’s population will be 65 or older - a higher percentage than is seen today in the retirement-oriented state of Florida.” Wages in our region generally have not kept pace with the cost of housing. This is especially true in industries that rely upon minimum wage employees, such as the tourism and hospitality sector.  At the same time, a dwindling supply of developable land has kept land values high. High land costs contribute to high housing costs. And, unfortunately, our communities are simply not building enough housing to meet demand.   

Think about that for a moment, and then imagine a place where thousands upon thousands of our senior citizens are faced with prospects of a homeless existence during their golden years. It’s a sobering thought. Yet it’s one the San Diego Interfaith Housing Foundation is actively doing something about.
To ensure many seniors do not face such a dire predicament, SDIHF has developed over 473 total units of senior-specific affordable residential apartments in San Diego County over the years. These senior communities are spread across the county from Downtown to to Coronado to Poway! All of our senior welcome pets and many offer specialized services to help our residents live a active lifestyle. In just a few months, we will welcome new residents into the 120 apartment homes at Iowa Street Senior Housing. But we’re not stopping there; SDIHF is always reaching out for opportunities to build and serve the varied needs and population of San Diego.  


Vera Rogers 

The journey of Affordable Housing started for Vera on a sunny afternoon on Coronado Island in 2007. Vera was on a stroll with a friend enjoying the summer breeze, when all of sudden she sees a beautiful property on Orange Avenue being built. She asked the man in the hard hat, “Hey what’s this building going to be used as?” and he responded, “Affordable housing for low income seniors, want to see?”  Shortly after, the man gave her and her friend a hard hat and showed them around the site. Vera said it was love at first sight! The man explained the process of applying, and a few weeks later, she was approved. This allowed her to move in months later, making her the first resident at Coronado Seniors, a 30-unit independent-living senior community located on Orange Ave.

After losing her husband of 38 years, one thing that concerned Vera and her daughter before she moved into her new affordable home was how would she fit into this new community? This question was answered quickly as Vera began building long-lasting friendships that she still has today. Having no immediate family near, Vera has come to see how her neighbors truly bless her, as she calls them “so helpful and extremely respectable.” She also enjoys engaging in all the activities — community dinners, educational courses, and the many resources given by resident services that IHAC provides onsite. Her favorite are the Karaoke parties!

Vera shares,  “I absolutely love this place. Coronado is the best place to live, my apartment is wonderful, and the people managing this community are TREMENDOUS! I wouldn’t trade it for the world! I’m happy and thankful SDIHF has this affordable housing to meet my needs!"


SDIHF President Matthew Jumper to Lead San Diego Housing Federation's Board of Directors 

Matt has served on and off the Federation board since the early 1990’s and states, " I am always in awe of the tremendous work that is done by the Federation members for a growing number of lower income individuals and families in need of affordable housing and ancillary services.  Over my 25 years in the industry I have seen tremendous advances throughout San Diego in the quality of affordable housing and the enhancement of public perception of the fruit of your labors. If you care about affordable housing and community development but are not currently a member, I encourage you to join and get involved.  You will meet a great group of people and be part of a significant movement to improve and create one of our society’s most precious resources;  safe, well maintained affordable homes for our neighbors.  Through the production of these affordable homes, we continue to positively impact (in some multiple and tangible ways) the lives of our 3+ million regional population.  Remember, we all have friends, family members, neighbors and co-workers who need an affordable place to call home.  As a caring and hard-working industry we can make a huge difference in the quality of life all around us.



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